Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Whiff Sniff Sniff

Today was the first day of new rotation. Back to the bed side rounding torture fest that can be medicine.
  • 1pm - We start rounding. I just got done seeing a new admit, so of course i didn't get a chance to eat lunch and my stomach had no memory of the cereal i had for breakfast at this time.
  • 2.30pm - The humidity is getting to me. Another patient, another introduction. I unbutton my white coat and wish to be anywhere but there.
  • 3.00pm- I confirm what i already know, I hate inpatient medicine.
  • 3.30pm - One of the third years asks me what's the cause of primary pulmonary hypertension.  I tell her i'm sorry, i don't have an answer for her. My brain shut down an hour ago, but i don't tell her that.
  • 4pm- Whiff, sniff, sniff.... Is that me? Did i forget to wear deodorant. I'm horrified! Jesus be a deodorant. He refuses.
  • 4.30pm - Finally last patient. blah blah blah blah. Everyone take 10 steps back and kill me now.
  • 6pm - H and P 5% done, I abandon ship. I surrender to hunger and frustration and pack my bag.  I dream of being a housewife and curse my elusive Alhaji as i make my way uphill to the parking lot.


  1. Someone needs a responsible Derwin (Football player) to marry...
    I shall help you start the search soon. lol

  2. Please let me know when you find this Alhaji, so that he can introduce me to his equally Alhajitius friends

  3. LOL this would be perfect for that 365 blog
    I wonder why they packed up


  4. ...and the search for Alhajis and mallams continue. I know a few, but they sell suya and shai. You like? Lol

  5. Shit this just scared me, because I am days away from signing a contract to be a hospitalist and I always felt like I hated inpatient and loved being a clinic doc. But men, the one week on one week off schedule and since I am a specialty physician it means it is a consult service, as per i dont admit or discharge anyone, I am hoping it will be palatable. But your post just reminded me that I may absolutely hate it! Chineke.


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