Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Secondary Insomnia

  • I fell asleep on my couch and woke up at 130a, and now i can't sleep. I guess we can call that secondary insomnia
  • I finally responded to comments on my Let's play a Game post. I have been feeling guilty about not responding so glad that is done. 
  • Been thinking of the Chibok girls. It's easy to put myself in that place haven gone to an all girls boarding school. In my JSS, we only had a gate man, who i don't recall spent the night. He probably did because someone had to lock the gate. There were also teachers who lived on the school premises, in addition with to caterer and our matron. No real security. It would have been so easy for something like this to happen. In my SSS, we had guys who used to come in the school to harass the girls. I remember one incident when some guys were chasing two of my class girls at night, inside the school and one who was a school runner was outrun by the another girl who was short and fat. It was funny when they were telling the story, and we all had a good laugh, but that should tell you how little security a school of at least a thousand girls who were boarders had. Thankfully, i was a day student in that school.  
  • I'm hoping the Chibok story ends well. Nigeria tire me, honestly. Everything just saddens me. 
  • I went dress shopping today. Ass for days. A little too girly for my taste. I could stand to lose 10lbs. Dress size went up at least by 1/2. Squeezing into those size 8's. Not fun. Food is not my friend. 
  • I just finished watching season 1 of  "The Fosters". I randomly picked it on netflix. I've heard that Americans are oversexualized but never really thought much of it, but after watching this ABC show, I was taken aback by the overt sexuality portrayed by teenagers on the show. I didn't go to High school in the States, so I need someone to tell me if this is how people go about kissing each other in school. Everyone is having sex and there is a complete lack of innocence in any of these teenagers. It seems like this kind of behavior has been normalized and teenagers watching these shows will see this as normal behavior. I guess that's why a lot of Nigerians worry about raising kids here. 
  • I still insist that parents should train their children unless America will train them. You have to play your part instead of throwing your hands in the air. I know a lot of well brought of kids who have never step foot in Nigeria. 
  • I have developed this bad habit of not being able to fall asleep unless there's noise usually in form of a show on netflix. I can't seem to deal well with silence these days. I can't even settle down to read a book. I bought Chimamanda's Americanah, and I haven't read a page. Very unlike me. But I have not been myself for a while now, so no surprises there. 
  • This has not been a good year for blogging. This has not been a good year for anything actually. 
  • Oh, and for those of you not on Instagram, I shaved my head and i actually loved it. It has started growing and I might shave it again. I miss being able to rub my scalp. It was very soothing. 
  • Before shaving it, I had been natural for almost two years. My natural hair was actually way softer than I imagined or remembered.
  • I was stressed out, it was affecting my hair and I couldn't stand it anymore. It was like an urge or craving. I resisted for a long time. 
  • Events that seemed like the end of the world have turned into a blessing in disguise. Sometimes life forces you to slow down and you just have to go with the flow. 
  • Always thankful
  • Boop! 


  1. I love the fosters, actually learnt some things about the foster care system. Novels are the only thing in life which keep me sane.

    1. Yeah, i wish i could lose myself in a novel again.

  2. Lol I saw the butt on instagram haha yup its girly. Y'all need to see Sting's behind lol :P

    1. I'm imagining her behind as big as Honeydame's :D

    2. Both of you are on your own o.....lol.

  3. Fosters? Nope! Not watched it. I would do so starting this evening.

    Shaved as in gorimapa? {skin-cut} ... really? I did same to my hair 5 days ago! The breakage was getting much for the fact that am on low-cut! With annoyance, I took the clipper, and shaved everything off! It felt sooo goood to feel the tinge of hot water directly on my scalp ... it is soothing.

    1. Yep, gorimapa! But it was in Feb and it's growing already. I'm debating whether to shave it again. I really liked being able to feel my scalp, it was a lovely experience.

  4. I should probably skin my head too. I tried baby curls a long time ago and loved it. Lord knows i need the break/freedom.

    I'm also hoping the Chibok thing ends well. So much time has passed and i don't want to imagine what they may possibly have been going through.

    I've had Americanah and There was a country since last year and i haven't read a page *tears*

  5. s-h-a-v-e-d??? girl u got some real guts. I took out my dreads early this year after almost 6 years of reveling in that identity. I have since felt lost and my hair and i are not best of friend but i know i no get mind shave. i look small already ....

    1. Yeah, shaving makes you look small. But how do you take out your dreads without cutting your hair?

  6. I really want to shave my hair too. I've been really lazy and my hair is so damaged that I just want to start over. Sting where are you???? I'm in the Ameriks.

  7. So you are now "clean-shaven"??? lol
    I'm at work and Instagram is blocked here too. Will take a look when I get home next week.

    I enjoyed reading Americanah. Part of me liked the ending, the other part didn't. Will love to hear what you think of it when you are done.


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